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Green Cargo Coolboxes and Gels

To put into practice an environment friendly thermo supply chain and offer a cost-efficient business model for the transport of perishable and pharmaceuticals products.


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PCP in collaboration with 2Cool Finland, offers multiple innovative solutions for temperature-controlled logistics enabling cost saving. Thermo box with a wide range of gels maintain a constant and precise temperature throughout the transport for 0 - 72 hours (can be custom made if longer duration required). This system also provides the flexibility of choosing two different types of temperature ranges- chilled and frozen.

About Us


The Joint Venture 2Cool PCP India LLP started operations on 01.06.2019. In India, EPP (Expandable Polypropylene) material with unique range of properties like durability, outstanding energy absorption, multiple impact resistance, thermal insulation, water & chemical resistant and exceptionally high strength & food grade, has so far only been utilized in the automotive industry.

2Cool Finland has developed customer oriented thermo transport solution using this EPP. Strong light weight containers in combination with own gel packs, enabled food, pharmaceutical and other perishable products to be kept chilled and frozen from several hours to extended periods of time regardless of outside temperature. The 2Cool system can also protect products like vaccine from freezing.

Additionally, 2Cool can provide several different intelligent tracking systems. With gels made up of natural ingredients along with recyclable box material offers new environmental cold chain that lasts from 12-72 hours. Chilled and frozen foods and other perishable products, such as medical products, can be transported in an environment friendly way, in the most convenient and cost-effective way. 

Why 2Cool boxes and gels?

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•CO2 emission 2.5kg/ litre of diesel

•Average isolated van consumption 10 l/100km ~ 26 kg CO2

•Cooling unit consumption 3.6l/h ~10kg CO2

•Total emission of three vans > 100kg CO2 / 100km

•Average van consumption 9 l/100km ~ 23 kg CO2

•Traditionally thermo transportation is done by vehicles with  inboard freezers or refrigerators.

•With 2CF’s supply chain solution all perishable goods – frozen, fresh or dry -  products can be transported  in the same basic vehicle.

•2CF’s solution results in reduced fuel consumption and CO2  emissions, but most of all some 70 percent savings through investments, due to fewer vehicles required and unneeded investments for separate refrigeration units.

Result of 62 hrs Piloting- ( Kundli to Patna )

Temperature measured inside and outside of pallet thermo with chilled products

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2Cool 3L box



Internal Dimensions:



200 x 200 x 40 mm

Vaccine Carrier​

300 grams


Durability, Impact resistant, Good thermal insulation, exceptionally high strength and water & chemical resistant



Dismantled Thermo Pallet Plates
Thermo Pallet
140L Box
20L Box
20L box with gels
55l Box
Assembled Thermo Pallet
Thermo Pallet
140L Box
140/20L Box
Temperature Data Logger


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